Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mom's Garden

The drive from Georgia to Maryland was a wet one mostly from light drizzle to much heavier as I went from warm Georgia weather to cold wet Maryland. The next day I was out taking pictures of moms garden and the signs of spring there. You can see the water still pooling on the sidewalk and the yard had plenty of mini lakes going on. The juniper on the side of the house has overgrown so much and desperately needs to be replaced. The tree would look funny if you were to cut out the overhanging branch so that's not an alternative to it's seriously blocking the sidewalk.

Apparently this Dwarf Mugho Pine didn't get the's anything but dwarf size.

Primroses in the basket are a happy addition on the porch.

Don't you just love those little flowers that take it upon themselves to reseed and bloom wherever they want?? These little purple flowers are ones that were originally in containers mom had on the railing.

Spring flowers are starting to pop up and bloom in Mom's garden. It has been a chilly spring in Maryland and was rainy off and on while I was up there.

The original deck off the master bedroom addition had to be replaced this year. Daddy did a good job on the replacement deck...he's very handy making flower beds and laying patios and building decks...he can even hang wallpaper!!

Moms fosythia bushes are huge. I've taken the distance pic so you can get an idea just how large it really is...over 6ft tall and much wider. Daddy dug a small one for me that I planted in the fall and bloomed this year when we had spring in Georgia.

The trees were in bloom so it was like enjoying spring all over again. The small tree in the front yard is such a pretty pink but I wanted to include the neighbors trees which were stunning lining the street.

I think mom said this was a viburnum. It smells delicious and a few days later Tory and I toured the gardens and cut off a sprig that was in full bloom...they are simply gorgeous and the scent filled the kitchen...yummy!!

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SCquiltaddict said...

WE NEEDS some viburnum...lets plant some next January!!