Monday, April 21, 2008


Whenever I go to Maryland and it's possible (which fortunately is usually) I get together with my friend, Jadene and we go to Fridays for lunch. Yes we are creatures of habit so what? As a matter of fact we always try to get there early and sit in a booth with the exception of the time I brought Kylie with me to show Jadene and we sat at a chair so her carrier would fit at the table. Usually there is no one (or only a couple) of people already there and we are always so amazed when we leave and the place is packed full!! Good food and good service at the one in Harbor Place, Annapolis.

I used to work for Jadene's mom & dad at Colonial Florist in Annapolis, MD at 2 different times in my life and for many years total. Jadene is the bookkeeper, office manager, designer (when she is forced even though she is excellent at it and should do it more), soother of all wounded egos (designers of which I was one can and do have very delicate egos, which often translates into "we are whiney") and in general friendly face at the shop! She is a doll and everyone should have a friend like her and I am so blessed for her friendship after all these years (going on 24 years now-WOOOWSER)!!!

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