Saturday, March 15, 2008

spring is blooming and the pollen is flying

When I left this afternoon there was a fine yellow dust on the now I know why my nose has been going berzerk the last few days.

The azalea is in full bloom now...last week it was still tight buds....the pinky reds are my favorites and always the first to bloom.

Wild dogwood is just starting to bloom. It's so pretty when it's fully bloomed out and covered in white.

One of my pet peeves is putting wonderfully smelling bushes and flowers at the perimeter of the yard and leaving non smelling stuff around the windows and house. So was the planting when we bought this house. There are 2 delicious smelling sweet olive trees all the way against the backyard fence. It is so annoying but as soon as i start seeing the white flowers I go out and sniff up the perfumy fragrance. I wish they were closer to the house so the fragrance would waft inside when the windows were open.

The first sign of hostas popping up.

The camelias are still blooming and this pink one and the white one have newly opened aren't they pretty?

Another hyacinth that Jadene gave me and has tripled in its original size. This one was up against the fence and doesn't get constant sun like the other one (which is mostly bloomed out now) so I get to enjoy this one now! They are my most favorite and it's PINK!!

I was so excited to see that yellow honeysuckle plant has started opening it's buds, the red has more buds but they haven't opened at all.

Wilbur and boys old basketball...he has certainly done a number on it hasn't he??

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