Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Charlotte laying in the shade of the deck.

The red honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom. I've had to put most of the vine around a trellis and keep it off the deck. Wilbur liked to chewed it to death when it was wrapped around the deck posts but instead of killing it, the sever pruning only seemed to make it bloom better.

We toured the garden just a little and found these wonderful little violets blooming. I brought them with me from Maryland when we moved to Georgia and they have flourished.

In the past we've had a possum come to the feeder at night and he travels through the gate. Wilbur is trying to see if he's on the other side of the gate.

Whatcha doin Mom, aren't we going inside yet?

Isn't Charlotte a pretty girl?

Charlotte is my 'hunter' and she thinks she's spotted something...must investigate...

Isn't Wilbur handsome?

Get the ball Wilbur. Wilbur has always loved playing with toys and balls. He's so funny, you can tell him Charlotte's going to get the ball and he will grab it and run with it. Charlotte could care less about that ball.

again with the bushes....*sigh*

tahred mom


Anonymous said...

Wilbur is always handsome but that is an especially good photo of Charlotte on the deck.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am glad to see the dogs are such great help in the garden

Nichole said...

You're dogs are just gorgeous creatures... love all the pics and they so remind me of our pack! Lola spotted something in the house today (I THINK maybe a mouse - we get field mice now & then)... and was trying to tear through my knitting area to get around to the other side... ugh!

Sonya said...

What a very full day!
They are a very handsome couple.

Cindy said...

Pretty pretty puppies. I love your flowers. And, no, Grover isn't much help either:)

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Your dogs are gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

I love your garden pics. Mine is just barely starting to show hints of green, it is so exciting!

vegasangelbrat said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Great pic of Charlotte cooling off. Both dogs look like they had a fun filled day!
Love the honeysuckle, wish I could get Lady to stop chewing on ours...silly pup.

Cactusneedles said...

I love your guys! Ella would love to play with them!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! I love your flowers, too. :)

Sharon said...

Such beautiful dogs! And look at that gorgeous sunshine and green grass! I've heard rumors that we too will someday have sunshine and green grass...sigh.