Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing My Family

It has been forever since Christmas when I was able to be with my whole family. Fortunately my sister will send me pictures so I can keep up. By the time I finally get back north my little niece will be 3 months old. I've never seen her in person but I intend to make up for that when I finally get there!!

Misty is very creative and has decided to fight against the high cost of cards by making her own. She made her Easter cards from pictures of the girls in their flower headbands. Tory's is a little big on her. :)

Kylie and Tory went to the Governor's Mansion for Easter. Kylie has not shown any sibling rivalry as yet towards Tory but instead loves her to pieces and is very hands on with her even changing diapers (but only #1). :)

My son Timothy went to Misty's to see the new baby. I just love how she was smiling up at him!! Misty says she is a very smiley baby...I can't wait to see her!!

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