Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What a Busy Week....

This week has been incredibly busy (as opposed to recent weeks where it's just been way busy).....Started off on Monday taking a Beyond the Basics Crazy Quilting class with Judy Twitty in N.Augusta, SC.

After class there was just enough time to rush home, fix supper and run back out the door for the monthly guild meeting where I gave a demonstration on adapting digital photos to applique designs.

Tuesday came way too early. Margaret, Rachael T., BettyAnn and I headed to Atlanta to Fiber on a Whim for their block of the month by Patti Maderis Culea called A Stargaze Stitchery Tome; "A techniques journal". We were doing really well until we went the wrong way on 285, we realized our error and got turned around quickly, making it to the class right on time. What a full class it was!! We were given demonstrations on putting the front and back cover together with some tips and tricks the girls used. We were shown how to draw faces and given the opportunity to practice too. Demos were also given on making machine lace on water soluble stabilizer and my new favorite was the demo in made my eyes light up beads do!!! They had squares cut out and painted with lumiere (my favorites) paints. We cut them into leaf shapes, put them between parchment paper and hit them for 1-2 seconds with an!! Some shrank and curled into fried leaves (a little long under the iron) and some curled up gently...we also learned how to make beads out of the leftover pieces too.

After we shopped at Fiber on a Whim we headed back down the street to a bead shop, embroidery shop and to the coolest ribbon store called Nicholas Kniel Embellishments for You and Your Home. He has the coolest assortment of hand dyed ribbons, feathers, antique buttons, and the most amazing ribbon flowers!! He teaches classes in the ribbon flowers and has even written a book which I would dearly love to get....alas he was all out....fortunately I'll be back in Atlanta next month for block 2 of stitchery tome.

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