Monday, January 02, 2006

How I spent the rest of my Christmas Vacation and other tales of woe!

Just a warning: I'm in a venting mood.

Since we've returned home we have been cleaning and organizing...what a way to spend the rest of one's vacation. I've cleaned my closet, bathroom and am now on my way through one of the attic storage closets...mine....

Have I told you before that I am a bit of a packrat (well if I haven't you should have guessed after seeing the before photos of the sewing room).

Well my closet was the same way. Why bother to put away the clothes that don't fit, you'll exercise and be in them in no time at all. What a crock. The things had been hanging there for 6 years!! It's time to go in the storage. That was Saturday. What a waste of a beautiful Saturday too. But the slave master (Doug) was cleaning and he can't stand to have anyone sitting on their butt while he's working.

Yesterday I spent doing more laundry and cleaning ceiling fans along with culling magazines and other junk for the trash. Did I mention that my allergies are having a field day with all the dust I am encountering....thanks Mom...of all the stuff I could inherit I got her allergies.

Got quite a bit of the storage at least rearranged. Pulled a bunch of Christmas out and want to store it in clear containers instead of the cardboard boxes that seem to invite creepy crawlies (bugs). Now the computer room looks like a bomb went off in it....but the floor in the storage is swept :>)

My clothes are in the storage now where I can reach in and pull them out instead of climbing over piles of stuff and having to jockey things about...still not happy that was the way my Monday was spent but oh well....whatcha gonna do???? Allergies got worse...took a nap...dressed and went to the guild meeting and off to Waffle House for a pecan waffle afterwards...dealing with all that dust deserved something didn't it?!?!?!?

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