Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tonight the Wonderful Women Who Quilt, our Tuesday night bee group, met at Ille's (who we have decided is the hostess with the mostess) for a birthday dinner for three of our quilt friends, Rachel, Margaret and Betsy, whose birthdays were today, yesterday and tomorrow.

It was a lot of fun with great food and great stories of quilting adventures and misadventures!! The surprise for Rachel was the quilt that we all supplied our hands for and
  • Margaret Hunt pieced and appliqued and
  • Bonnie Hunter quilted. I didn't get the picture of the backing which is full of hoochie mamas in bathing suits that received plenty of laughs and giggles.

  • We ate till completely stuffed of shrimp cocktail, cheese & crackers, chips and a wonderful dip, lasagna, salads & the most delightful lime and spices dressing that Paula B. made, pistachio salad/dessert that was completely devoured, scrumptuous parmesan bread that Rachael T. made, rolls, pecan tassies, a divine chocolate cake and yummilicious tiramisu cake!!

    The evening came and went by so quickly for us but not for Ille's hubby who patiently occupied himself elsewhere while we had our girlyfest. What a great guy! This is Rachel's happy self with her new quilt.

    Here is a close-up of the quilt.

    Since Margaret introduced me to the quilted postcard, I gave her this one for her birthday.

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