Saturday, November 05, 2005

Quilt Show and Antiquing

Today, Margaret, Connie and I rode to Aiken's Historical Museum to see the Quilt show there. It was a relatively small show but the quilts were stunning, including some that were in the Pieceful Hearts Show several weeks ago. They had an opening reception at the museum after going through the show.

Before going to the show we went to the two bead shops in downtown Aiken. Connie had never been there before and I think she had a good time.

After the show we went back downtown and hit a couple of the antique shops where I lucked across a Sunbonnet Sue quilt made of feedsacks. It's a real beauty if I say so myself! These are just a couple of pictures of the quilt which shows a little wear around the binding.

And not to be forgotten we stopped into the Bone-i-fide Bakery were we bought our babies some puppy cookies.

Ever since I was pregnant with my daughter, I have loved Sunbonnet Sue. Her father's Aunt Betty, made a crib quilt of alternating Sunbonnet Sue's and Overall Sam's in green and white. Brandy wasn't one for carrying around blankets but her younger brother, Jason was! He wore the poor blanket plumb out and I have been redoing it, salvaging the Sue's and Sam's and replacing the muslin and all other parts of the quilt. Now that I have written this, I will have to finish it...funny the things I do to get my tasks completed!!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing the little Sunbonnet Sues. One of my first quilts was a SBS and Overall Sam. They are always so sweet!