Saturday, March 10, 2007

So you know how Doug went to Colorado without me for 2 weeks. Well he did go to a quilt shop for me. Actually he went to 2 of them. The first only did machine quilting and they sent him on to the fabric store High Prairie Quilts.

I told him I wanted 'pink' so that's what he asked for. The ladies called him 'Mr. Pink' as they helped him choosing fat 1/8ths, fat 1/4rs and 1/2 yard cuts in pink. He did a marvelous job too I might add.

Oh, and did I mention, one of his buddies from the conference was with him too. You gotta love a guy who is secure enough in his manhood to go into a quilt shop AND bring a witness with him!!! I think I'll keep Mr. Pink!!!

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