Monday, March 19, 2007

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Confucius say, it is time to lift a stone only to drop on your own feet.
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sometimes life truly is like that too. saturday i put together a shelf for my sewing room and wound up with 2 pinch bruises, 1 on my thumb and the other on the inside of my forearm, big ouchy! then sunday i tripped up the stairs ripping off part of my big toenail which was followed by dropping one of my fabric containers on my foot and further tearing the same nail.

i'm hoping today is a better day. of course i haven't lifted, assembled or moved anything as of yet either.


SCquiltaddict said...

i didnt know you were the sock...TERRIFIC job...this is your first one isnt it??

SCquiltaddict said...

blogger is laffing at me it has EIGHT letters to post

did i say i hate to make comments on blogs that require the letters?