Thursday, October 09, 2008

DOT - Charlotte helps quilt

Charlotte and Wilbur started the day off helping me pick out the fabrics for the Carolina Comfort quilt in the post below.

Then we headed off to the bathroom to take a for all...well Wilbur loves the bathtub but Charlotte, not so much, however at least she has quit whining the entire time we are in there...maybe because Wilbur jumped in at the same time I was able to get Charlotte into the tub...BOYS!!! Anyway, the pups are clean, the towels are in a pile waiting for their turn in the washer, the bathroom has been febreezed so it now smells like ode de apple spice/wet dog...which is significantly better than the ode de stinky wet dog before spraying.

Anyway after I showered and everyone was smelling better, Charlotte and I set to cutting out the fabrics for the quilt.

It's hard work laying under the ironing board watching mom cut fabric!


Pooch said...

Looks like you have some helpful assistants too!! Bath time--fun for all!


jan said...

My four are convinced I couldn't make a quilt without them. and that all the quilts are for their personal comfort.

Marjie said...

Thank goodness you have Charlotte's help. Where would you be otherwise? You must be a fan of EB White, too!

imjacobsmom said...

Oh bathtime, what a joy! My dog Miles gets out of the tub and flies around the house like he's "Full of the Devil". Charlotte looks like she is such a help, too. (I noticed the EB White Charlotte's Web connection, too.) Happy Dogs On Thursday! ~ Robyn