Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I relocated my shelf today ALL BY MYSELF. I am quite proud about it too. The shelf was too low and interfered with the new desk in my sewing room so it had to come down. It's taken me FOREVER, but I finally got it put back up....and in the studs too!!!

SSSHHHHH!! Puhleeze, don't tell Doug about all the holes in the wall. I have until next Friday to get them hidden...uh, I mean fixed. yeah that's it, fixed.

I even used a level (mom would be sooo proud) and I held the shelf and used the power screw driver too and drilled holes in the underside of the shelf so I can hang my doodads back up (dad would be sooo proud).

The smaller shelf (which fell down when the cat jumped on it) got holes drilled into the back instead of the picture clamps. Unfortunately this didn't work either and I suppose I will have to screw it in from the front if I want it to stay up and be used. Otherwise to the trash it will go!!

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